Sunday, February 19, 2012

Veneer is Jamaican me Crazy!

So, little did I know what a pain in the nether region veneer can be! What I have learned so far. 1. Never buy a piece of veneer furniture to refinish unless it is in pristine shape. And never let the seller put your piece outside before you can get there to pick it up. As much as I love this dresser, it just keeps peeling veneer, no matter how much I patch and paste, there is still more peeling loose in places.  Not sure if I will be able to sell this, but I'm hoping that whatever flaws are seen will be taken as character in the piece, but we will see.  2. I'm a very messy painter.  Hope husband doesn't notice the blue splotches on the deck. Thinking the TSP cleaner should take care of those, hopefully. 3. I used the TSP cleaner on the top of the dresser and then used the Sander/Deglosser before painting.  On the drawers I sanded and then primed them with the spray on Kilz and then sanded with 220 sand paper before painting. I'm curious to see how  differently the two methods hold up.  4. I'm absolutely loving the Jamaican sea color! Thinking I need to paint some tropical flowers and leaves on the dresser.  I'm getting there, still need a light sanding and second coat, ugghhh, not sure how others are making money doing this cause it seems to take alot of time! Or maybe I'm just old & slow LOL, but I don't think so.