Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let it Be, Oh Let it Be

I can't get this Beatles song out of my head this morning! I think I need to be singing, "Let it go, Let it go" instead.  I love all my paintings and projects, so much so that often I suffer anxiety at the thought of letting them go. This year I am definitely going to let them find new homes. I have a couple of paintings that need some frame touch up and hanging prep and up for sale they will go. I'll start posting them tomorrow. I also have a dresser project that I am working on, feel free to check out my Facebook page, "The Shabby Porch" and let me know what you think about ideas for painting the dresser.

As this is my very first blog, please bear with me while I figure all this blogging stuff out over here at eblogger! Here is a picture of my sun porch, aptly named The Shabby Porch! Yes I weave as well, but I hate the set up part so it mostly sits here on my porch a sad reminder of what a procrastinator I am. But that is going to change as well this year~!

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  1. I love seeing Easels!!! It warms my heart...I have 3 in my house :)
    art is beauty